About The Library

Kampala International University is Client-Centered, caring for an academic community preparing students to be service leaders in a global society. It offers courses leading to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees through traditional and non-traditional delivery systems.
An integral part of Kampala International University (KIU), the library is the treasure house of human knowledge. It is the intellectual hub of the university that supports study, teaching, research and social information needs.


KIU library aspires to be “a world class state of art Information Resource Centre of Excellence in the World” which is integral to KIU teaching, learning and research.


To make the future bright for KIU Library users by getting them where they want to be through Information, Inspirations and Imaginations! The Library is user-centered and delivers the most up-to-date and appropriate information and services on and off line.


1. KIU Library System exists to meet the information needs of the parent university in so far as resources permit. The Library aims to provide the required information in the best formats, at the best place and at the best appropriate time that is very beneficial to the users, within the requirements of the university. This means continuing the provision, in the most efficient manner possible, of both traditional and digital library services.

2. The Library System strives to support all members of KIU staff and students in their pursuit of life long learning, self-fulfillment and entertainment. The library provides information materials that represent and reflect diverse viewpoints and opinions.

3. The Library System has the responsibilities to develop, publicize and offer, in an efficient manner, new information services and facilities appropriate to changing circumstances. These will be offered increasingly and collaboratively with other organs of the university and with appropriate external agencies.

4. The library’s digital initiatives aim at providing better service to all KIU library system’s patrons.

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